Monday, September 21, 2009

Contact the Government

Don't be shy about sending an email or a letter to your representative. If you feel like it doesn't make a difference, just think about the thousands of anti-immigrant propagandists bombarding our officials with phone calls and letters in an attempt to stop reform dead!!! We must try to balance this.

Your Congressman:

State Senators:

The President:

If  anyone is unfamiliar with immigration law, or thinks that a spouse of a U.S. citizen automatically has the right to stay in the U.S. while petitioning for status, you need to get informed. This site briefly describes the horrible bans put in place by the IIRAIRA Act of 1996, and also provides some excellent suggestions to resolve the damage done by this law:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Links to Immigration News Articles & Media

Post links to the latest developments in the news on immigration, in local government or federal government.

Above: President Obama addresses the congressional hispanic caucus on September 18. He re-asserts his support of latinos role in government and the community in this speech, and reiterates his goal of comprehensive immigration reform.

Above: Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Congessman Luis Gutierrez, a leader in the fight for immigration reform, who created a "Family Unity Tour" to raise awareness across the U.S., provides great news on the work already being done in Washington.

Please take a minute to view some of these videos on this site:
This is a remarkable documentary-style collection of stories from people living on the border, spanning from commerce stories, to migrant workers, to drug cartels, and even a used tire dump containing 3 million tires outside of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and how they are recycled, or not.

Illegal aliens in the bible: - Powerful, powerful video. I had no idea the bible said THAT much on illegal immigrants! Make sure you have some tissue.

You have got to see this boy's story, in school without a father:

This video is self-explanatory:

NEW: WOW. Watch this video.

Open Discussion Topic: September 2009

Recently, president Felipe Calderon's war with the drug cartels has brought record numbers of deaths south of the border. According to CNN, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the city just south of El Paso, Texas, has reached a new high in drug-related killings: 1,647, which has already surpassed the death toll for all of 2008. It is unclear, (probably on purpose) how many of those deaths were "the good guys," "the bad guys," or innocent bystanders. Mexico is known for government greed and corruption. It is also known for its supply of drugs to the U.S. What are the true intentions of the mexican government for this cleansing bloodbath of thier country? Are they hoping for a new start? Are they under pressure from the U.S. to make thier land more livable for its nationals so they stop coming here? Does Felipe Calderon have a personal vendetta, much like Bush with the Iraq war? Or.... are they so tired of the cartels having so much power and money,  that they will to loot everything they have and take over thier operation? That may sound a little far-fetched, but the next line is a FACT:
Last month a new law was passed in mexico that would allow people to have small posessions of drugs, such as marajuana, cocaine and heroin, with a government run rehab program offered for those who are caught with the drugs. Is this a small step in a long walk towards more control and greed in the mexican government?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tell Your Story.

Comment here about what brought you into the immigration debate.

Tell who you are, Citizen or foreigner, where your family is from, and reasons for coming to the U.S.A. Try to state the section of immigration law that applies to you or your family, mention if and who you have contacted in government about the pain that immigration law has caused you and your family.

If you have not immigrated to the U.S.A. nor have family who has, but you want to post your reason for being involved in this debate, you can do that here, also.

Border Life: The Last Resort

You've tried everything to get your family back... lawyers can't help, your representative in congress can't help... Don't do anything illegal!!!!

You can move to the border and be a regular crosser like myself. This post is here for you to comment with questions to get help on doing this.

Finding housing, a new job, knowing security risks, getting education for your children, even finding a place to buy groceries is so hard without some guidance. This is open discussion on how to be a survivor on the border.

Links To Immigration Activist Groups in Your Area

This thread is a gateway for those who want to join activist groups who share beliefs, and gain more momentum towards the goal of Comprehensive Immigration Reform that leaves everyone better, not worse.

NOTE: I do not believe in "Open Borders" or "Blanket Amnesty," nor do most immigrant rights groups.

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas:
La Union Del Pueblo Entero:

The largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, National Council of La Raza:
And "We Can Stop The" , which is a campaign launched by NCLR to make sure that supporters of immigrant's rights are doing what thay can to influence legislation and media, much like my goal with this blog, but on a way, way larger scale. They have great and easy suggestions for you to get contributing.

Truth In
This site aims to correct false numbers and stats often bent by radio and tv hosts with an anti-immigrant agenda, and a plan to spread thier stupidity.

Recommended Immigration Lawyers in Your Area

This is a thread for anyone to refer a lawyer who has helped them though the perilous visa processing, extreme  hardship letters, and the frightening interview at the U.S. Embassy in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Any knowledge on locations of catholic charities are welcome!  - this is the best in-depth lawyer resource site I have found yet, includes daily immigration newsletters, multiple links to other sites on immigration, even help wanted ads for immigration attorneys, all up to date.